Mermaid Sapphire

Diving Support Vessel

Mermaid Sapphire iis a purpose-built DP2 ROV & aid diving support vessel, designed for operation of dual deepwater work-class ROV’s (Quasar Compact or Trion XLX) plus optional inspection-class ROV. The ROV’s are installed on dedicated raised deck level, leaving all back deck space for project equipment. Mermaid Sapphire is also equipped with state-of-the-art subsea inspection data acquisition and data management systems. A 23T knuckle-boom crane, and auxiliary 5T crane are also installed.

Mermaid Sapphire is equipped with substantial office space, online/offline survey room, hospital and a gymnasium. Accommodation comprise 60 berths (4 x 1-man and 28 x 2-man),and all cabins have ensuite bathrooms.