Mermaid Nusantara

DP2 Dive Support Vessel

Mermaid Nusantara is an Indonesian flagged DP2 Dive Support Vessel, operated in the Asia Pacific region by Seascape, a member of the Mermaid Subsea Services group of companies.

Designed and built to a high specification for its class, the Vessel is equipped with a built in 15-man Saturation Diving system, with a 3-man bell deployed through a moonpool, Dual LARS Air Diving system and an SMD Atom Ultra Compact 100hp Work Class ROV.

The Vessel has a 50mT active heave-compensated knuckle-boom subsea crane, that provides true operating capability down to 1,500m water depth. The vessel accommodates up to 120 personnel, has approximately 600m2 clear deck space and an elevated helipad at the bow.

Mermaid Nusantara is ideal for Wellhead Servicing, Construction Support, Inspection Repair and Maintenance (IRM) projects and Saturation Diving and ROV support duties.