DSV Mermaid Endurer

Diving and ROV Support

A purpose-built DNV Classed DP2 DSV with diesel-electric propulsion and was delivered in May 2010. The vessel features a fully built-in and classed 18-man single bell saturation diving system rated to 300m water depth, including a self-propelled hyperbaric lifeboat, and is designed for working in harsh environmental conditions.

Dive gas storage cylinders are located below main deck level, leaving all back deck space for project equipment.

A 100t active heave-compensated knuckle-boom crane enables the vessel to perform light construction operations.

DNV class notation includes CLEAN DESIGN (strict environmental standards) and COMFORT CLASS (on board levels of noise and vibration in compliance with international standards). The vessel is equipped with numerous offices, a conference room, a hospital, a gymnasium, recreation rooms, an internet lounge, a cinema and a sauna. Accommodation comprise 86 berths, and all cabins have en-suite bathrooms.