Manifa Project

Start Date: 11- Sept-2015
End Date: 25-November 2015
McDermott Was awarded the EPCI Contract by Saudi Aramco to upgrade crude gathering and power supply of Manifa Facility. Manifa cable lay and cable burial Contract was awarded to MSS by McDermott Arabia Company Limited.

Field Description
The Manifa Field is located off the east coast of Saudi Arabia, about 250 km south of Kuwait. Most of the field lies offshore under the Arabian Gulf, Stretching from the shoreline at Manifa, the main causeway goes offshore to the west approximately 4.2 kilometers and then turns north towards island 25 for a total length of 21 kilometers. Considering the cross section, the main causeway can be divided into 3 sections as per function: Pipeline Zone, Road and Cable Zone.

Scope of the Work
MSS successfully completed Tie-In Spool Installation, trenching and simultaneous laying of 15 kV Power cable and FOC from DS-13 to MNIF 470/479 and Ds-25 to MNIF 460/469. ICCP cables were also installed on MNIF 460/469 and MNIF 470/479. A DP2 Vessel (Mubarak Supporter) & Trencher TM03 was utilized for this project.